Tuition & Other Costs

Tuition & Incidental Fees

The cost of studies at a post-secondary institution varies based on the program of choice, whether a student lives in residence, the cost of books, equipment, transportation and other living expenses.

Students pay two types of fees: tuition (academic) fees and compulsory incidental (non-academic) fees

On average, full-time students pay $6,000 to $12,000 (subject to change) in tuition fees per academic year.

You will want to start assessing your possible fees by first considering if your program has "regulated fees" or "deregulated fees."

The following programs have deregulated fees:

  • Bioinformatics (offered through the Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences)
  • Communication, Culture & Information Technology (CCIT)
  • Computer Science
  • Commerce
  • Management

Visit the U of T Student Accounts website (under "Sessions") for more information on tuition fees.

Other Costs

Living Expenses

Board and lodging costs for the school year will vary according to where you live, whether or you a meal plan or buy and prepare your own food, as well as other living expenses.

Visit the Student Housing & Residence website to view the undergraduate residence fee schedules.

Books and Supplies

The majority of programs of study will require a combination of textbooks, special classroom aids, lab equipment, computer equipment, etc.

The cost of books and supplies varies depending on the program of study, with $900 being the average for undergraduate students.

Visit the U of T Mississauga bookstore to preview course books from various academic programs.

Transportation Costs

When budgeting your costs for university, keep travel costs in mind. If you commute by car and want to park on campus you will have to purchase an annual parking pass or be prepared to pay for day-parking fees. For information on parking fees, click here.

If you plan on travelling by public transportation, there are many bus and shuttle services such as the TTC, Mississauga Transit, Brampton Transit, etc. Click here to review all services, including the exclusive U-Pass (universal buss pass).

U of T also offers an intercampus shuttle service, free of charge for registered students, if you plan on taking courses at different U of T campuses.

Other cost-effective and alternative options available through U of T Mississauga:

Transit route maps: