Faculty & Graduate Research

Ethics Review for Faculty & Graduate Research

Human Subjects

All faculty and graduate student research projects that require the use of human subjects must first be approved by the Ethics Review Office. Applicants are urged to review the ERO Application Procedures and Application Materials & Forms are all available online.

Faculty researchers who have received a research grant may request for a portion of the funds to be released prior to an approved ethics protocol by completing the Research Funding Pre-Release Form and sending it to the ERO.

Animal Use

UofTM's LACC reviews all projects and learning activities which involve animals. There must be an approved protocol for all procedures at UofTM involving the use of animals, whether conducted by faculty, graduate or undergraduate students. Every animal research or teaching project administered by UofTM must be covered by an approved protocol, even if the work is conducted in the field or in a facility not owned by UofTM. No experiment may be carried out until the approval of the LACC and UACC is granted.

Animal use protocols forms and information about the LACC meeting schedule are both available from
Alison Weller, Vivarium Supervisor (c/o  Room 336, Health Sciences Complex; Fax: 905-569-4388).