Forms & Signatures

My Research - Applications (MRA)

NEW this year: An online system has been implemented at the University of Toronto, replacing the former RIS Application Attachment form (aka the "Blue Form"), the use of which has now been suspended.

MRA automatically routes applications through the correct approval channel according to the specifics of the proposed project.

Researchers should login to the MRA system (using your ESS/MROL/AMS credentials) early to ensure that you have an active account and that your username and password access are up to date. MRA may also be accessed through the VPRI RAISE website and via Campus Business Connect (click on the "Research" option on the "Services Directory" and select the first item, MRA).

The recommended browser for MRA is Internet Explorer (IE) versions 6 to 9 (version 10 coming soon). It is also supported on Firefox (Macs). Safari and Chrome are not supported due to resource limitations. 

Individuals who do not know their username and password, or who experience difficulties with login, should contact the RAISE help desk staffed Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Research Agreement Signatures

Signing authority for research agreements vests with the Vice-President, Research & Associate Provost and those designated by the Vice-President. Researchers themselves are not authorized to sign agreements on behalf of the University of Toronto. UTRS must review and approve all research-related agreements that name the University of Toronto, including the following contracts:Research Agreement Signatures

  • Research Grants or Contracts;
  • Collaboration, Licensing or Partnership Agreements;
  • Material Transfer Agreements; and
  • Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreements.