Support Services

At U of T Mississauga: Reseach Office

The Research Office aims to serve in a facilitation role to help U of T Mississauga colleagues achieve their aspirations in research, and to help faculty develop and implement broad strategic visions at U of T Mississauga. In addition to acting as a liaison with the UTRS offices, the Research Office staff provide the following services: maintain the ‘Research’ portion of the U of T Mississauga website, which serves to make up-to-date research news readily available to faculty; coordinate research publicity and community outreach activities; and work overall to enhance the research enterprise at UTM. The VP: Research also oversees U of T Mississauga’s Vivarium.

The RO also coordinates the efforts of two local research committees:

  • Ethics Review Committee: Responsible for ensuring that all undergraduate research at U of T Mississauga that involves human subjects is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards as set in the Tri-Council Policy Statement for Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans.
  • Local Animal Care Committee: Responsible for ensuring that all teaching and research at U of T Mississauga that involves animals is conducted in accordance with the ethical standards set by the Canadian Council on Animal Care and Ontario’s Animals for Research Act.

The Research Innovation Commercialization Centre (RIC) is closely linked to the Research Office, and has a significant presence on the U of T Mississauga campus. The RIC operates as the focal point mechanism for bridging academia with local industries and government, and offers many on-campus events of mutual benefit to scholars and entrepreneurs.

Downtown: University of Toronto Research Services (UTRS)

UTRS offers the centralized administration of research awards for all three University of Toronto campuses, and is the key office to provide institutional approval and/or endorsement for research applications. UTRS is the main office that most faculty will deal with at Simcoe Hall, but UTRS works very collaboratively with a number of other services offices that are sometimes also referred to as part of UTRS:

  • Ethics Review Office (ERO): The ERO is responsible for reviewing all graduate and faculty research activities that involve the use of human subjects, animals and/or biohazardous materials.
  • The Innovations & Partnerships Office: The Innovations Group was established to assist faculty in commercializing the results of their research activities.
  • For further information about U of T research, please see the UTRS Research & Innovation section.