Commerce and Management


  • Commerce: TME
  • Management: TMG

Business studies at U of T Mississauga takes two forms: Commerce and Management. Each pro­vides students with a fundamental understanding of the theory and practice of business, but specialize in different areas and have differing requirements for admission.

What is Commerce?

We offer five Commerce programs at U of T Mississauga: 

  • Accounting (BCom)
  • Finance (BCom)
  • Commerce (BCom)
  • Marketing (BCom)
  • Commerce Major (Honours BA/Honours BSc) 

All commerce programs offered by U of T Mississauga combine economics and various sub-disciplines of business and management. This enables students to receive a breadth of knowledge with regards to business functions as well as develop depth in their particular field of interest. Each program has also been designed to ensure students graduate with strong analytical, critical thinking and communication skills that will ensure their success in a competitive job market. In addition, the Specialist Program in Accounting is CPA recognized and provides students with direct entry into the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP). 

What is Management?

We offer three Management programs at U of T Mississauga:

  • Management Specialist (BBA)
  • Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations (BBA)
  • Management Major (Honours BA/Honours BSc)

The Management Specialist leads to a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. The program provides students with a firm understanding of the major sub-disciplines of management and with an integrated set of management skills. With courses approved by the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), the Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations (HRMIR) Specialist will allow students to complete the prerequisite studies for the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. The Management Major program leads to either an Honours BA or Honours BSc degree and allows for students to pursue two academic fields of interest during their undergraduate studies. 

Why choose U of T Mississauga for Business?

Strong foundation for a fulfilling career

  • U of T degrees are highly regarded by potential employers
  • Rigorous grounding in business skills & knowledge, and applications
  • Challenging and relevant courses

Top Professors

  • World class expertise
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration with domestic and international scholars

Professional Skills Development Program

  • An on-going co-curricular opportunity for students to further develop their skill sets to be career ready upon graduation
  • Sessions developed in collaboration with academic societies, industry partners, faculty and other partners of the Department of Management

Professional Development & Learning Center

  • A dedicated resource for career development and exploration for students of the Department of Management
  • Year-round career advisement staff support to help ensure student success through the recruitment, interview and career launch process

Enriched Programs

  • Added value for students – career preparation, skills development, internship opportunities
  • Student experience – social and academic activities

Affiliated student clubs

  • Student Management Association (SMA)
  • Undergraduate Commerce Society (UCS)

What high school preparation do I need?

Admission is based on six Grade 12 credits (Ontario U or M credits), one of which must be English (ENG4U),* plus:

For Commerce:

  • Advanced Functions (MHF4U)*
  • Calculus & Vectors (MCV4U)*

For Management:

  • A Grade 12U Math credit*

*This refers to courses from the Ontario Curriculum.
We will accept equivalent courses from other academic systems. For details, visit

What courses do I take?

First-year studies for Commerce

  • ECO100Y5: Introduction to Economics
  • MAT133Y5: Calculus & Linear Algebra for Commerce
  • MGM101H5: Introduction to Management Functions
  • MGT120H5: Introduction to Financial Accounting & Electives

First-year studies for Management

  • ECO100Y5: Introduction to Economics
  • MGM101H5: Introduction to Management Functions
  • MGM102H5: Management in a Changing Environment

Some interesting upper-year courses

  • MGT493H5: Small Business Management
  • MGM332H5: Managerial Finance

After graduation

Career options include finance, accounting, consulting, human resource management, marketing, law and operations management.

  • Accounting specialists prepare to write professional accreditation exams.
  • HR specialists prepare to write professional HRPA exams.
  • An undergraduate business education from UTM also allows for students to achieve advanced standing and course waivers for many graduate programs such as an MBA or MMPA

For more information

Natasha Hanif, Academic Advisor