U of T Mississauga’s English program offers a wide range of courses. Whether a course provides knowledge of one author or one genre or an entire period, the aim is to deepen the students’ awareness and appreciation of a distinguished literary tradition. The first-year courses are designed to increase the students’ skill in reading, interpretation and effective writing, emphasize the development of analytical and essay-writing skills, and build the acquaintance with major literary forms and conventions that students need in more advanced English courses.

Programs and specializations

  • English Specialist

  • English Major

  • English Minor

Students may also wish to explore a program in Canadian Studies, which is offered as a Major or a Minor. This flexible program introduces students to several academic disciplines, methods of inquiry, and theoretical approaches to the study of Canada.  

Why choose U of T Mississauga for English?

U of T Mississauga’s English program is one of the best in Canada. Students have the opportunity to study with outstanding professors and have a wide selection of courses to choose from. It is very common for U of T Mississauga students to have the same professor more than once, which is helpful in building a strong dynamic between professors and students.  A good student-professor working relationship can help students succeed because they are comfortable getting help and guidance — it can also help if a student needs a reference letter.


Hands-on experience

The Research Opportunity Program (ROP) gives second- and third-year students the opportunity to work with a professor to develop their research in an interactive partnership. ROP is part of our continuing effort to offer students the benefits of a superb undergraduate education in a research-intensive university. Students also have the opportunity to take Individual Studies courses in their third year in which they devise a project that is supervised by a faculty member.

Affiliated student clubs

  • Drama Club
  • English and Drama Student Society

What high school preparation do I need?

Grade 12 English (ENG4U) plus five other Grade 12 U/M courses.*

*This refers to courses from the Ontario Curriculum.We will accept equivalent courses from other academic systems. For details, visit www.adm.utoronto.ca/adm.

What courses do I take?

There are many paths to take in the English program. Course selection is designed to ensure a deep appreciation of literary tradition. A sample of one such program of first-, second- and third-year courses could include:

  • ENG140Y5: Literature for Our Time
  • ENG202Y5: British Literature: Medieval to Romantic
  • ENG205H5: Rhetoric
  • ENG250Y5: American Literature
  • ENG252Y5: Canadian Literature
  • ENG300Y5: Chaucer

Some other interesting second-year courses include:

  • ENG234H5: Children’s Literature
  • ENG236H5: Detective Fiction
  • ENG237H5: Science Fiction
  • ENG239H5: Fantasy and Horror
  • ENG259H5: Literature and the Environment

After graduation

Studying English develops skills of analysis and expression that are required for all areas of research, business, and professional activity, and that are essential to success both within and beyond university.

Students considering graduate degrees should consult their instructors about graduate school requirements.

Possible careers include: teaching, law, journalism, public relations, communications, publishing, editing.

More information

Dianne Robertson
Undergraduate Advisor

Canadian Studies Program:
Professor Colin Hill
Canadian Studies Program Director