Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies


  • Theatre & Drama Studies: TMT
  • Theatre, Drama & Performance Studies: TMH

Theatre, Drama & Performance is the study of the relationship between the artists who create written texts intended for production, the artists who turn scripts into performances, and the audiences who experience the resulting theatrical event. Theatre is both the event itself, and the acts of creation involved in producing that event.

Programs and specializations

U of T Mississauga offers two programs that focus on theatre, drama, and performance:

  • Theatre & Drama Studies and 
  • Theatre, Drama & Performance Studies.

Theatre & Drama Studies is a unique partnership in theatre training, offered jointly between the University of Toronto Mississauga and the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Students are given the opportunity to earn a two-year (equivalent) conservatory diploma in professional actor training from Sheridan in combination with a Specialist program focused on performance history, theory, and dramatic literature from UTM. This intensive combined program provides a foundation for a career in the professional theatre and for advanced theatre studies. Our graduates have careers as performers, playwrights, directors, theatre administrators, and teachers.

Theatre, Drama & Performance Studies (TDPS) integrates creative and scholarly approaches to theatre within courses in developmental and production dramaturgy, the TDPS program includes courses that examine theatre history, dramatic literature, critical theory, and playwriting, among others. TDPS provides students with first-rate academic experience and credentials, while offering them ample opportunities for creative application of acquired knowledge and skills through practical course components. All courses are taken at U of T Mississauga.

Why choose U of T Mississauga for Theatre & Drama Studies?

Professional training

  • An intensive acting program in which students get extensive on-stage experience
  • Combines courses in history and theory with courses in theatre practice
  • Studio courses are taught at Sheridan by instructors in its well-established and highly-professional complex of Theatre programs

Extensive, hands-on experience

  • Theatre & Drama Studies students participate in a season of five productions each year at our state-of-the-art Erindale Studio Theatre.
  • First- and second-year students are involved backstage or front of house – working with props, lighting, sound, or as ushers.
  • Third- and fourth-year students perform in the Theatre Erindale season. Third-year students appear in two Studio productions. Fourth-year students appear in Main Stage productions.
  • Each senior student is cast in at least two roles per year.
  • Third-year students perform in The Junior Project, which is performed individually.
  • Senior students receive one-on-one tutorial time with faculty to polish performance pieces.

On-campus theatres

  • Erindale Studio Theatre: Can be converted into all theatre types (black box, in the round) — and is used by local and touring professional theatre, dance and music groups.
  • Multimedia Studio Theatre at U of T Mississauga is used as classroom and auxiliary production space.
  • Deerfield Studio A is used for studio productions.

Affiliated student clubs

All students in both Theatre & Drama and Performance, Theatre & Drama Studies have the opportunity to participate in the Drama Club as well as the On the Fringe festival in which they can produce, direct and/or act.

What high school preparation do I need?

  • Six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English (ENG4U).*
  • Audition required for Theatre & Drama Studies.
  • No audition required for Theatre, Drama & Performance Studies.

*This refers to courses from the Ontario Curriculum. We will accept equivalent courses from other academic systems. For details, visit

Audition requirements

The audition assesses current acting skills by having applicants perform:

  • two contrasting, prepared monologues: one from a classical play (Shakespeare preferred); and one from a full-length, 20th-century play by an established playwright (Canadian preferred).
  • one verse of any song (unaccompanied)
  • one on-the-spot improvisation

Specific instructions regarding the development and presentation of these items will be forwarded to eligible applicants when they make their audition appointment.

For more on auditions, click here.

What courses do I take?

U of T Mississauga courses

  • DRE/ENG121H5: Traditions of Theatre & Drama
  • DRE/ENG122H5: Modern and Contemporary Theatre and Drama  
  • Theatre, Drama, and Performance students only take U of T Mississauga courses

Sheridan courses

  • DRS121H5: Acting 1
  • DRS121H5: Acting 2

Other upper-year courses include:

  • DRE200H5: Canadian Theatre History
  • DRE352H5: Stage to Screen
  • DRE362H5: Playwriting

After graduation

With follow-up study, graduates have the following career options: professional acting, directing, writing, set design; postgraduate research, criticism and scholarship; community recreation; theatre criticism, arts journalism; and secondary school or university drama teaching.

For more information

Dianne Robertson
Undergraduate Advisor